Fertility Story

Letrozole …. Round 2

And the second month has begun….

The title of the post is the give away of what the topic is. We are now on our second month of taking letrozole so as you may have guessed with didn’t get pregnant on the first round, which of course was a little disappointing but I wasn’t expecting miracles the first time around.

  I had my scans last month and it was all looking positive, there was a dominant follicle and a daughter follicle along with it on my left side, both continued to grow and mature, I went every other day, for just under two weeks to have them scanned to see how they was progressing and on my scheduled second to last scan ovulation was confirmed, I then had to have a blood test one week after ovulation and all this information would be sent to my fertility specialist.

Like I said I wasn’t expecting miracles and but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t hoping for one.

So we are now on our second cycle of letrozole on cycle days 2-6 and then back to planned intercourse to try and get us pregnant. I don’t have to have scans again to confirm ovulation or to see if Im responding to the drug as this was confirmed last month.

Lets hope for a more positive outcome this month. Fingers Crossed.



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