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Mum Tips & Hacks – Preperation

Everyone know’s being a parent is hard and anything to make it easier is a god send. So I’ve decided to do a series dedicated to just that, and even if one hack or tip helps you out I know I’ve done a good job.

So another tip, this one is such a simple one but one I found is brilliant and that I find as a working mum really helpful, especially on those mornings when you’re up late and rushing around like a headless chicken! 

Get things prepared the night before. That’s it! How simple is that? I find it so much easier maybe half an hour or less just making sure Poppy’s uniform is all folded up, clean knickers and socks, books bag checked and sorted and near the door ready and waiting, and pack lunches made and safely stored in the fridge. I even go one further and pop the bowl underneath the cereal dispenser ready to be filled the next morning. 

Doing this might seem like a hassle at night when your stressed from a days work and just want to chill out with the cup of tea ( wine) but believe me it’s much better than trying to make a sandwich, find that missing shoes and you’ve just spotted a stain on one of the girls school tops, all this and you’re already 10 minutes late! 

Spending that extra time the night before makes for and easier and smoother morning. 

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”



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