Mum Tips & Tricks – Car Journeys

We like to travel a fair bit to visit new places especially to go on dog walks. Whether it be a 5 hour journey or an hour and a half, we all know how kids can be on these journeys. “Are we there yet? I need a wee!” or “She’s bugging me and breathing my air” You get the gist of it. 

These are just a few tips that work for us and make car journeys go that little bit more smoother!

  • Plan your journey. The amount of times we’ve just got into the car last minute and forgotten somebodies coat or wellies to change into. Getting everything prepared the night before and google maps all sorted takes a little of the stress off. 
  • This ties in with the tip above. Be prepared for sickness, nose bleeds or head aches etc. Me and Poppy suffer with really bad nose bleeds that can last for what seems like forever, so I always pack 2 rolls of toiler tissue now, we once flew to Spain and she had a nose bleed and silly me forgot to pack tissues making for a mad dash to the toilet and resulting in my cardigan covered in blood. Yuck! 
  • Travel early or at night. If your travelling a long distance this is so much easier you can bundle the kids into the car in their pj’s or comfy clothes, give them a pillow and blanket and they’ll sleep for a few hours of the journey.
  • Make regular pit stops. Lord knows I get agitated and fed up after a while of being sat in the car, so god knows how the kids feel. Making stops and allowing them to stretch their legs and have a wonder around the shops at the service station attempting to buy not so cheap tat! 
  • Play car games all together, eye spy, number plate game or one of our favourite’s is pick a topic such as fruits, vegetables, countries anything really and you have to choose one letter for example fruits that begin with the letter P, pear, plum etc etc.
  • Ipads or portable DVD players, this gives the kids something to do when they’ve run out of options for eye spy. 
  • Snack! Car journeys always seem to make everyone hungry or thirsty. So pack a little car picnic with snacks and drinks for everyone to enjoy. Just be prepared so more pit stops for the toilet. 
  • Don’t lie about how long its going to take or do. Whichever works for you. We used to always tell the girls 10 more minutes but pretty soon they realised it wasn’t and this would cause tempers to flare up. If its going to be a while tell them it’s going to be a while yet but if this wouldn’t work for you a simple just around the next corner may work. 
  • I always find when travelling long distances let the kids pack a bag for themselves, things they think they’ll play with and use on the journey (check this though in case someone has decided they need to bring 15 barbies and half the Lego box) but also you pack a bag for them with additional entertainment in such as a new coloring book, magazine or sticker book. 

Hopefully one or more of these tips will help you. Feel free to leave your own tips below!

Safe & Happy Journey!img_6345


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