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Mum Tips & Hacks – Cutting Food Costs

We all know how having a family to feed can be expensive and recently we’ve been looking at ways to cut down our weekly food shop. As well as Me, Dan and the 2 girls we also have a dog, 2 cats, 3 (unexpected) kittens and a rabbit, so we can spend a lot on groceries for us all. 

I admit I try to plan our food shop and buy items that we need, but, sometimes this can fail spectacularly when I’ve forget the list or on the school run there is a local co-op and Tesco and I always end up calling in seeing something I think we will enjoy and buy that for tea, or even worse shopping when I’m hungry and buying a load of rubbish! One way or another food ends up being waster and throw in the bin, feels like I’ve just drawn the money out of the cash point and thrown it down the drain!

Recently we booked a holiday to Fuerteventura to visit my best friend, so with this is mind I’m looking to cut costs as much as I can and one of these ways is with the food shopping. I’ve asked a few friends who have big families if they have any tips as well and these are what we came up with!

  • Plan your meals – If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it on hundred million times. If you plan your plans and make an accurate shopping list that way you only buy what you actually need. You could go one step further and play your meals for the month and do a monthly food shop.
  • Card Not Cash–  If you set yourself a limit of for example £70, leave the cards at home and then you only have that amount to spend, it’s so easy to set yourself a limit but if you’ve got your card on you you can always go over the set limit. Being able to see the money in your purse can make a big difference to just tapping the plastic every chance you get.
  • Shop cheap – Aldi or Lidl are great for this, they have great quality foods available at the fraction of the price compared to bigger supermarkets, using thess supermarkets can cut your shopping in half!
  • Coupons and vouchers- take advantage of the offers supermarkets have, Tesco have the clubcard points, Co-Op do a loyalty card that also gives so much back to the community as well to yourself in voucher form.
  • Don’t over proportion- if you have a family of 4 cook for a family of 4 hot for a family of 6! I used to be so guilty of this, I would also cook extra and it would 9 times out of 10 go to waste, look online for correct measurements ect. If you do over cook try to see if you can recycle them into new meals for the next day or freeze them for another day.

These are the tips I find work best for us, and hopefully following some of these will help you save some money on your weekly shop also.

If you have any shopping savvy tips please share them below! As Tesco says “every little helps”!



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