A Weekend Of Adventure’s

This weekend has been full off adventure’s for us! 


We decided to head off out with the weather being decent and not bouncing it down with rain and wind! 

On Saturday we went to a place where I used to go all the time growing up, before my grandad and grandma moved to Greece they lived in Halifax Norland in an old weavers cottage, there was a row of 12 or 14 houses on a little road surrounded by fields and farms, the nearest shop was a drive away. The local pub at the top of the road and it was one of those places everyone knew everyone. At the top of their road was Greetland Moor and I spent many a childhood weekends there and walking over the moors with the family and dogs, calling at the park then at the pub once we’d finished! 

We also walked up the lane past my Grandparents old house and past the church which when I was younger me and my grandad liked to walk around the grave yard and he used to always torment me that I had to shut the gate or the spookeys would come get me! 

It was a brilliant trip down memory lane and very surreal for me after so many years of not walking down that road with a dog to be now walking down it with my own dog and family! 

On Sunday we took a trip to Ogden Reservoir and it was so beautiful. It has a massive path way through the woods, up by the golf course and over the tops or just simle along the water front. We’ve never been before and I must say I was a little apprehensive due to it being Dan’s choice and let’s just say normally when Dan choose’s where to go we don’t always end up in the nicest of places. 

There was a little ice cream van selling refreshments and a pub at the end of the road, but best of all this beautiful place is FREE! 

You don’t have to pay for parking, or admissions they just have a donations box that they ask you to donate any amount you wish and for how beautiful and well kept the place is I’am very surprised they don’t charge for parking at least. 

I love our weekend trips out and with us now working during the week I’m starting to appreciate our time on the weekends together that little bit more! 


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Slideshow Of All The Pictures From This Weekend.


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