Mum Life

Every Day Moments

It’s the little things that matter.

The every day, little ordinary moments are the one that make up our family life. I love just reading blogs that people have wrote about everyday things, some people don’t see the point in blogging about them as they think people won’t be interested to read them, but if you think about it the popular platform Instagram is just all about that. People post the photos they love and it’s a little snapshot in their normal family life, you see a little snippet about what they love, they find interesting.

There’s so many  “staged” photos and whilst I enjoy seeing those I want to see REAL photos or raw. The ones where the children aren’t posing, their just natural and I think that makes a photo all in itself as well. They’re normal, as broad a term as normal is, these relaxed photos make me realise I’m not the only one who find these photos the best kind.

Whilst the photos that are staged are just as beautiful there not a snapshot photo of whats happening in that everyday instance, technology has come a long way since I was a little girl and it is so much easier to take several multiple shots of the same moment quickly enough, to then choose which one you want to upload but as I say when I was younger my mum had to use a wind up camera and get them printed or get the video recorder out. I think its so much easier now to take and upload photos with smart phones and digital cameras.

Not only do you have plenty to choose from but you have all these ordinary every day photos and videos to looks back on digitally. Even if uploaded to Instagram (I hope) the girls will look back on them and see the snapshots of their lives. I love photos all round and love to get them printed but only the best ones do and then get put into an album. I think Instagram allows us to uploaded the raw and natural photos for them to see and us to look back on.

I think its about time we started to appreciate the little ordinary moments in life because after all life is full of them and they’re what makes life.



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