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What if you can’t do it?


What happens when you start to think what if you can’t do it? What’s it you may ask? Well being a mum. I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times in my pregnancy that I thought what if I can’t do it? What if I’m just not mummy material? 

You are not alone in feeling like this. We all have days like these and that’s normal. I still have them now and Poppy is 7! There is some days I just think I can’t be doing this right, I’m the worst mum ever! Other times I have days were I know I’m doing a fantastic job!

Now this may come as a surprise but there is even days were I just hate motherhood too, the kids are arguing all day, the dirty washing is mounting up, the dogs barking at the fence and I’m having a breakdown in the corner. These are the days I hate it and want to pack up and f*ck off to put it bluntly.

Then on the other hand when you’ve stopped the girls from murdering each other and they  have kissed and made up, the house is tidy and the washing is all done, the dogs stopped barking at the fence and had his walk. It’s all bliss.

Now you might be thinking here so you only want the good times of being a parent and lets be honest your not wrong. Who wants all the bad? Nobody wants to experience anything bad.

But of course being a parent comes with bad experiences but it also comes with good.  You’ll have excellent days, and you’ll have the most god awful days. More often than not the days are somewhere in-between the two. It’s called balance.

Everybody loves to brag about how they’ve got all their washing done, their kids kids are the best behaved little ones, and if they’re not bragging its sentences such as at least your washing pile isn’t as big as mine, but does anyone actually admit the days when they dont want to be mum-ing? When you just want to run away and not be a parent? Does anyone actually say anything like that?

The society we live in now a days can be such a judgey place that people rarely speak out when they have those kind of days, but what if we did? Wouldn’t the world be better if you felt like you could openly speak about your feelings without the fear of being judged? To be able to say you know what, today I don’t feel like I want to parent and somebody to reply with I’ve had those days too!

Everybody has those feelings, whether it’s not wanting to parent, adult or even do the dishes. Just to hear someone tell you it’s normal and are there for you may just make someone feel better and like they have someone there for them.

Lastly to wrap this up, you CAN do it! Whatever that it is!



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