Mum Hacks & Tips

Mum Tips & Hack’s

I’ve decided to do a series of Mum hacks!

Everyone know’s being a parent is hard and anything to make it easier is a god send. So I’ve decided to do a series dedicated to just that, and even if one hack or tip helps you out I know I’ve done a good job.

So my first one has been such a life saver for us. With the girls getting older and wanting more independence they love to make their own meals and snacks. Breakfast is a big one because we’re all ready at different time usually someone wants their breakfast before someone else.

Cereal is our go to breakfast on most days, the girls love choosing their own and this is where the problems start. Whilst I don’t mind the girls fixing their own breakfast is usually resulted with more of the cereal on the sides that in their bowls. That was until we bought this little beauty!







(Yes I’m a bad mum, chocolate flavoured cereal! But oh well there happy and fed).






I love this! It makes life to much easier, we just empty the cereal into the containers ( not only does this save storage space) and the girls turn the knob and hey presto! They know to turn it 3 times and that’s their bowl full. No more cereal spilled on the sides, and it’s also great for knowing when your running low, no one can hide the nearly empty boxes in the cupboard.

Shop the product here! Follow this link


If you have any tips or hacks to share please get in touch!

Some of these hacks and tips will have links to products I’ve bought and these are affiliate links. This just means if you use one of my links to purchase the product I receive a small amount as well at no extra cost to you!



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