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Tattoo Addiction & Birthdays

I think the title is the giveaway of this post. I’m a mum with tattoos, 18 to be precise.

I had my first tattoo when I was 17, but the fascination started when I was a lot younger. My dad is covered in tattoo’s and I do mean covered, he hasn’t any on his neck, or his hands (well he has the palms of his hands) but everywhere else is covered. He even has them on the balls of his feet! I remember going with my dad when he was having his tattoos and never once saw him wince in pain! I think I pestered and pestered from being about 15 for a tattoo but was always told no when you turn 18! I only wanted to be tattooed by the man who did my dad’s because I daren’t go anywhere else in case they messed it up but this also meant I would have to wait till I was 18. Or so I thought!

My dad is a biker and would regularly go over the Isle Of Man for the TT Bike races, and this always fell on my birthday, one year whilst he was away I decided to chance it, I went to the tattoo parlour on my birthday and said it was my 18th (17th really) and he agreed ! It was only supposed to be a little on but it ended up the full way down my back! I remember ringing my dad up whilst he was in the Isle Of Man and telling him what I’d done. He called me stupid for not waiting but asked what I’d had and the rest is history my addiction began!

 My two favourite tattoos have to be the John Lennon Imagine tattoo I have and the other is one for my daughter, a poppy flower with her name worked into the stem of the flower. My Grandad who is my best friend and more like a father to me, has one on his arm so it has a sentimental meaning to it, and I had it one year before I flew out to Greece where he was living at the time.

A few days ago it was my Grandad’s 68th birthday and he wanted another John Lennon tattoo so we decided to go together and get it added to the Imagine one we both have. How brilliant is it that a 68 year old wanted a tattoo for his birthday? So we went and got another title of one of John Lennon’s – Stand By Me right under the Imagine one!

I plan on having my left arm sleeved off, its a working progress at the minute and then I want to start on a leg sleeve. 

 I often get asked am I not worried about how I’ll look when I’m older?  My reply? No, I’d rather get them and enjoy them, rather than when I’m 60 odd and sat thinking I wish I had of done it!

As cliché as it sounds you only live once so why not?!



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