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7pm & Its Bed Time For The Girls

Yes you read that right. 7pm! and its time for bed….. for the girls anyway.


Not all days but especially school days the girls are in bed between 7-7.30pm without fail. There allowed to stay on their iPad’s for about half an hour, watch a DVD or read a book. On school days their up at 7.15-7.30am and they are like a couple of teenagers and I have to drag them out of bed, on a weekend anyway between 8.30-9am.

Some people may think this bedtime is too early especially for a 9 year old but let me tell you I have two of the most morngiest, grumpy and miserable set of girls if they don’t get enough sleep! Especially Poppy, I can always tell when she’s had a late night the night before she’s moody and emotional and breaks into tears at the littlest of things.

This then leads to tension and stress in the house. One of the girls are moody, the others crying in the corner, Daniel’s going through the roof and I’m tearing my hair out and counting down the minutes until I can open that bottle of wine calling me from the fridge and it’s only lunch time!

NHS Guidline

Of course on weekends and in the summer holidays we allow them to stay up later, but only if we haven’t got plans for the next day.

I think the more sleep they have the better moods they are in during the day. I’d much rather have happy kids and them in bed early and well rested, than moody and difficult. Which is how they always end up when they’ve not had enough sleep.

Not only is there many mental health benefits to getting lots of sleep, but there are physical ones too. Researchers believe that not enough sleep can have an effect on our immune systems and affect growth!

This may not work for everyone but with both myself and Daniel working long shifts, and the kids being up early most days it works for us. Not only is it beneficial for the kids but it’s good for us as a couple, as we don’t get many child free days now that Dan has changed his job and works Monday to Friday and my prime shifts are weekend ones, having the kids in bed by 7- 7.30 gives us time to enjoy some time alone as a couple, even if we do spend it arguing over who’s in charge of the remote.



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