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Early Mornings & Insomnia

Anybody else just not a morning person?

Unless it’s Christmas day or we’re going away on holiday I HATE mornings. Especially early mornings and when 5 days out of the 7 ( sometimes more if I’m working the weekend) I have to get up early for the school run which does not make me a happy bunny.

I really am not a morning person at all, it’s best not to speak to me for the first 30 minutes once I’ve woke up, and that snooze button tends to be pressed several times before I finally accept I’ve got to get up!

Daniel on the other hand is a morning person, he will wake up and starts bouncing around the room like an over excited kangaroo! It drives me mental! He’s always so cheery (but on the odd occasion he’s not gosh dont we know about it)!

I feel in abit of a viscous cycle because I absolutely LOVE my bed but I can not for the life of me ever fall asleep easily, I envy these people who as soon as their head touches a pillow they’re asleep! This again is Dan ( we’re such opposites, god knows how we make it work haha). Dan could fall asleep on a washing line, any time, any place! It takes me several hours, 672 positions and a sacrifice to the gods (only joking but you get my drift). I even move from the top to the bottom of the bed to see if it makes any difference, and strangely enough sometimes it does, I’ve tried meditation before bed, stretches, hot drinks, hot baths, sleep music, herbal tea, sleep sprays, you name it I’ve tried it! It just does not come easy to me! I’ve been to the Drs for it and they prescribed amitriptyline , which does help but always leaves me feeling groggy on a morning and I find it more difficult to get up hence the viscous cycle!

Maybe one day I’ll be able to drift off to the land of nod easy but until then the sacrifice to the gods will have to continue!




2 thoughts on “Early Mornings & Insomnia

  1. I’m not a morning person either. I need at least 2 cups of coffee to get me started for the day but I’d still rather be in bed… If I could wake at 9am everyday I would be a much happier person… X

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