A Sunny Walk Out

Finally the warm weather is slowly starting to emerge! 


I’m hoping it’s here to stay, I hate being cold. Especially when there’s a bitter wind with it. There’s nothing worse than taking the dog out for a walk and having to bundle up and your still cold!

Today we went on a lovely walk around Dovestone Reservoir, and it has some beautiful views. To say it was busy we didn’t really feel surrounded by people.  The full circuit of Dovestone Reservoir, is about 2.5 miles. Although a mostly level route there are several steepish sections.

We walked up and away from the main path at one point to give Bear abit of time to run around and burn off energy, whilst he is a friendly dog he is very boisterous and just wants to jump and play with everyone he comes across. The hill we went up was steep but well worth the views we received at the top.

There is some lovely surrounding villages also and I would of loved to stop and have a walk around if we’d of had more time!

Not a bad day out and I’m hoping the weather stays the same!



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