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A Family Day Out

Who doesn’t love a family day out?

Once a month we like to have a family day, were we all do something together whether it be something little such as a movie night and takeaway or a day trip out. 

So the kids Easter holidays are here and were only 3 days in and already I can slowly feel myself pulling my hair out and reaching for the wine bottle! The timing was perfect for a family day. 

We decided we needed to escape the house and go have some fun! So we headed to Hollywood Bowl! For a few games of bowling and ago on the arcades. The girls went on a roller coaster simulator ride which they enjoyed and I’m sure we have a couple of thrill seekers on ours hands as they asked to go on a proper roller coaster!



Both of the girls well and truly wiped the floor with me and Dan with Kadie winning the first round and Poppy the second! 

We then enjoyed tea at Pizza Express which both the girls love and would happily eat there any time they could! 

Check out the video on my YouTube channel for some of the highlights and the girls “scary roller coaster ride”





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