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Another Snow Day

I think I must of jinxed myself yesterday with the post about finally being rid of the snow!


It decided to return today, leaving us yet again with a snow day and school closed so that left us with only one option, a lazy bed day even Bear joined us!


 When Poppy is off school she manages till about dinner time and she starts with “I’m bored, what are we doing next?” Poppy is the type of child that can’t finish something before asking when we’re doing next, she always has to know what we’ve got planned. This can drive me mad when she’s stuck inside and I’m struggling to find activities to do next.



After dinner the snow did clear and we managed to venture out to M&S to take advantage of their dine in for £10 deal and a trip to Toys R Us for Poppy to spend the last of her Christmas vouchers before it closes down!


I’m hoping the sun comes out and melts the snow away, I can’t wait for Spring to be fully here!



7 thoughts on “Another Snow Day

  1. Loving the pictures! That is a ton of snow! I don’t miss that about NJ/NYC. My family and I moved to Florida less than a year ago so I’m enjoying the warmer weather 😄. Your pics lounging in bed with the family did look comfy though! I hope you all enjoyed your day!


      1. I do miss seeing falling snow…my son is always upset when he learns that it’s snowing in New York lol. We tell him we can always visit during winter time though! The cold hurts my bones though, so I’m over it. I’ll stick to the warmer weather :).


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