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A Spring Walk

To say I’d been suffering cabin fever due to the recent snow days would be an understatement. I just wanted to take Bear for a walk and not come back as a snow-women!


Today was the first day I’ve not been working and we’ve had a clear and dry-(ish) day, so now was the perfect chance to get Bear out on a big walk somewhere. There is a few nice places local to us where we take Bear but I think he get’s bored of the same places and I like to take him new places.

So I did some searching for places not too far from home and dog friendly to take him an came across the beautiful Goit Stock Waterfalls, its about a 40 minute drive from where we live and although a little confusing about where we could park etc once there it is definitely worth the visit!

We parked up on a lane near by and walked down and just followed the signs from there, the path can be slippery when wet and there is numerous tree roots to negotiate so if you have small child with you its probably best to give them a helping hand.  There is some metal railings and steps as well that can be slippery when wet.

It was a lovely walk and made for some stunning photographs, and we only came across two other walkers so was very quiet and relaxed, I can imagine on a busy day with other dog walkers and general visitors it may get a little busy and crowded in a way.



I would highly recommend giving Goit Stock Waterfalls a visit whether your a dog walker, photographer or just a lover of nature!

Its so peaceful and idyllic, they are currently undergoing work with the tree’s to try open the tops and let more sunlight in to help the animals on the ground, and this was on a little sign towards the end of the walk but I wouldn’t say it affected our walk at all and I wouldn’t of known about it unless I read it.

This is someones private garden just before the path down to the waterfalls. Imagine this! They even have there very own mini waterfall! Not jealous at all!



















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The postcode is B13 5BU, its best to park on Hallas lane and walk down hill, you’ll got past some houses and just keep going straight, you’ll then come across some steps , keep going straight cross over the bridge and turn left immediately ( it is signposted ) and your on your way to the waterfalls.



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