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Snow time In Spring



Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock lately or away on holiday (lucky devil) I’m sure you’ve been affected by the lovely weather we’ve had in the past week or so!

Whilst it is indeed Spring it seems Mother Nature decided she wanted to bring back winter one final time before we get to enjoy the new season ahead and bring back winter she did! There has been an extremely cold few days ,with temperatures dropping right down to -6°c. I honestly felt like we’d moved to the North Pole and I’m pretty sure I spotted Bear playing with a polar bear at one point!



Whilst I love a snowy day and it always looks so pretty I prefer to enjoy this view from inside my house with the heating on full and the fire going, I’am not a winter girl at all. In-fact I hate being cold and love the summer sun (when it arrives).

The snow put a hold on daily life and the girls schools were both shut for 3 days and then both myself and Daniels work also which meant for a great couple of family snow days! So with 2 giddy children and an excitable dog its inevitable that we had to venture outside at some point and enjoy the snow (for as short a time as possible for me!) and whilst I enjoy making the odd snowman and a quick snowball fight with the family, once I can’t feel my toes and fingers I beat a hasty retreat!

Hopefully that’s the end of the snow now and we can welcome in Spring properly and start to feel my nose on the mornings from now on!






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