Just Me

An Introduction To Me

I’ve been toying with the idea of blogging for a while now, but being such an anxious person at times I always managed to talk myself out of it or find one excuse or another not to do it! I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and just go for it! I suppose I should start with a little bit about my life and family to give you an idea of my life.


That’s me, 25 year old and happy me. I fell pregnant with my little girl Poppy, when I was 18, still a little girl in my mum’s eyes I suppose. My pregnancy was not all roses as they say and I had trouble from the get go, in and out of hospital, overnight stays almost weekly and numerous scans and tests!

Poppy decided she didn’t want to stay safe and warm inside me where I could protect her from the outside world, she wanted out and out she came 6 weeks early!

Me and her dad were together from being 13 years old and try as we might we grew as different people and inevitable split when Poppy was about 3 years old.

Whilst being a single parent was hard I loved just being me and her, she would visit her dads on the weekend, and then it was just us two thru the week. Soon after Poppy started nursery and I started a part time job as a waitress.

This continued for a few years and whilst I went on a few dates there was nothing special!

Then one day that all changed, “cliche alert”. I’d gone for a tattoo with my friend and decided to visit our local pub where a friend worked. This is where I met my partner of 3 years now, I didn’t recognise him at first but turns out we used to be friends when I was about 12/13!

Blast from the past!

He also has a young daughter who is 3 years older than Poppy. We went on a few dates and I’ve not been able to get rid of him since!

I started off as a single mother of 1, to a blended family with two little girls!

That’s a quick catch up to bring you up to speed on where I’am now! I’m sure I’ll expand on different topics in future posts!



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